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The Ethiopia Deaf Experience

The Ethiopia Deaf Experience is a project aimed at creating positive awareness about deafness, Deaf culture, and Sign Language in Ethiopia. We also strive to create opportunities for employment and self-reliance for Deaf people and their communities.

Deaf workshops

A group of Deaf actors give workshops to hearing people about deafness, Deaf Culture, and Sign Language. Participants can experience how it feels like to be deaf and how to use non verbal communication. The workshops are very educative and great fun for young and old. We can adjust the workshop to several target groups like schools, government agencies, companies (team building programs), tourists, and individuals.


Deaf tourism

We offer guided tours in Ethiopia in Sign Language. We work with professional local Deaf tourguides who can guide visitors in different Sign Languages, and we develop solutions for all communication barriers. We strive to make travel in Ethiopia accessible for all Deaf and hard of hearing people.

Work and Income

We support Deaf entrepreneurs to develop their own business, and we help Deaf people to create opportunities for work and income.



Donations in Ethiopia can be made directly to the account number of Dires for Development Charitable Association, please contact us through

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